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Information about Congenital Heart Defects in Canada from the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance

Congenital heart disease (CHD) is the world’s leading birth defect.

About 1 in 80-100 Canadian children are born with a congenital heart defect.

Sixty years ago approximately 20% of children born with a CHD survived to adulthood.

Today, that number has since increased to about 90% – resulting in a growing population of young adults who require life-long cardiac care in Canada.

Types of Congenital Heart Disorders

There are over 40 specific types of CHD which fall under two main categories:

1. Holes In The Heart (Septal Defects)

2. Obstruction of Blood Flow

Emberly had multiple defects which fell under both of these categories.


Treatment for congenital heart disease may include medications, surgery, and/or other procedures.  A treatment plan will be set in place specific to the individual's diagnosis and circumstances.  Medications may be used to treat symptoms and improve condition before, during, and after surgery as well as temporarily or long term.  There are many different types of medications an individual may be on which will be determined by their diagnosis.  Some congenital heart defects may require surgery or other procedures depending on the severity of the defect.

For More Information

You can find more information about congenital heart defects in Canada here:


Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance


Canadian Institute of Children's Health


Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Children's Heart Network


Heart and Stroke Foundation


Western Canadian Children's Heart Network

How You Can Help

We hope this platform can provide individuals with the opportunity to play a role in spreading awareness and supporting the many organizations that play such a huge role in the medical journey for heart warrior family's.  If you are unable to provide a financial contribution, there are many ways you can help spread Embers of Love.


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