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The name Embers of Love came to us from a family member when our daughter, Emberly Dawn, was in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery at one week old.  Emberly's presence and energy emit such a powerful light, that she was said to spread Embers of Love to all that met her in hospital and to the nearly 20,000 people that acknowledged her story on social media.


The products we aspire to offer at Embers of Love represent the spark that Emberly has carried with her throughout her medical journey so far and continues to spread to everyone she meets.  Most items in our shop are handmade in our family home by Emberly's Oma and her mom Haley.  They represent not only the resilience, beauty, and strength of Emberly, but all families of cardiac babies in Canada that are traveling through their own medical journey.


The items that are not homemade will proudly show the Embers of Love logo that was specially designed for the brand.  Our logo is meant to spark conversation and invite people to learn more about congenital heart defects and what that means for babies and their families who are diagnosed in Canada.  We are proud to support and collaborate with other local businesses and use sustainably sourced materials whenever possible.


All proceeds from the Embers of Love shop will go directly towards Emberly's medical journey with a portion being donated to one of the supporting organizations each year.

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