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We are a family run online platform originating from the prairies of Manitoba, Canada.  The sole intention behind Embers of Love is to spread awareness about congenital heart defects and acknowledge the lifelong medical journeys that many family's face when themselves or a loved one is diagnosed with a congenital heart defect in Canada.


When a child is diagnosed with a congenital heart defect in Canada they are sent to one of three referring center's located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba.  If intervention is required after diagnosis, they will be referred to one of three hospitals in Western Canada.  This often means family's must travel out of province for an unknown amount of time to receive medical treatment for their child.  It is common for families to stay in hotels for weeks and months at a time if no other accommodations are available while their child is in the hospital.  Family's are travelling from their sleeping accommodations to the hospital on a day-to-day basis to be with their child as there often is not appropriate sleeping accommodations for both parents at the hospital.  


There are organizations in place that help alleviate the costs of this medical travel, however, it is often not enough and the price of living away from home adds up quicker than we would imagine.  Along with the physical and emotional stress that is involved with having a child in the hospital, the additional stress of travelling to a new province can take its toll.  This stress does not necessarily disappear once a family is home with their child and they often need additional supports during this transition as well.


Our goal at Embers of Love is to help spread awareness and to provide support to heart warrior family's and the organizations that stand behind them throughout their medical journey through social media awareness and fundraising.  Thank you for visiting our site and for helping us spread Embers of Love.

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